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Eliminate the HEad-bob


Eliminate the HEad-bob

SeatDreamzzz is the world's most-versatile sleeping mask that prevents the classic head-bob many of us are familiar with while traveling. Using the additional airline strap a user can fasten their head to the independent headrest, making it easy to fall asleep while sitting upright. By removing the airline strap, the mask converts to a typical sleeping mask that can be used while sleeping horizontally.


Pre-Order Now!

SeatDreamzzz is now available for pre-order. By committing $25, you will be one of the first travelers to receive a SeatDreamzzz sleeping mask. 

  • When will the product ship?
    • We will begin manufacturing when we hit our minimum order quantity (200). We will keep in touch with every member of our community to provide an exact delivery date, however we anticipate shipping Late Spring/Early Summer 2018.
  • UPDATE (5/9/18):
    • We have found a partner in the US to help fulfill initial orders and are in the process of kicking our relationship off. We hope to have masks in the coming month to begin fulfilling orders and get your SeatDreamzzz mask in-hand ASAP!
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