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Eliminate the Head-bob


Eliminate the Head-bob

SeatDreamzzz is the world's most-versatile sleeping mask that eliminates the classic head-bob many of us are familiar with when traveling. Using the airline strap a user can fasten their head to the independent headrest, making it easy to fall asleep while sitting upright. Removing the airline strap, the mask converts to a typical sleeping mask that can be used while sleeping horizontally.


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When I put the strap around the back of the airline seat, I adjusted the strap, which allowed my neck and head to be in “neutral position” without any strain to my neck muscles.

In previous travels, I have used the horseshoe shaped pillows which are better than using nothing, but my neck muscles would still tighten up when my head would move to one side or the other, or move forward. Your design prevents any of that from happening. I was able to sleep in the sitting position without any discomfort in my neck whatsoever.
— Dr. Richard L. Austin, D.C.
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I just wanted to say how much I love your product. I bought two for my wife and as I looked around at all of the head bobbing on my flight from NYC to Jordan, I knew I made a smart decision buying your product.
— Stephen Soo Hoo (customer)