When will products be shipped?

Answer: We will kick-off production when we reach 200 backers. Once the order is placed, it will take 12-16 weeks for the shipment to be fulfilled. (We know this is a good amount of time, but when getting a new product off the ground this is one of the issues to deal with.)

Why does it take so long to receive my mask?

This initial production run is a Pre-Order run to capture travelers who are interested in SeatDreamzzz and begin to develop our full 

Does SeatDreamzzz work on all airline chairs?

If a chair does not have an independent headrest it does not function the way it is intended to. With TV's/Monitors on the backside of some chairs we want to not promote (even though it can function) use in this case as you may impede on other passengers space.

One of the reasons we pursued this idea was the adoption of the new chair-design across airlines that includes independent, adjustable headrests. By 2020 most airlines have vouched that they will retrofit their aircraft with the new design to provide a better experience for all levels of passengers.

What happens if I lose my airline strap? Will I be able to buy a replacement?

If you lose your strap you'll be able to purchase a replacement. If this happens, please contact us @ info@seatdreamzzz.com.

Is there a height-restriction to using the mask?

In testing the product, we had users 5'5'' to 6'7'' who were able to use the mask on airline seats. The headrest moves both up and down so users who can comfortably wrap the strap around the headrest and support their head can use the SeatDreamzzz sleeping mask.

Is the mask machine-washable?

Yes, it is machine-washable but you must air-dry.

Will my eyes and eye-lashes rub against the mask?

No. In our development of the product we focused on incorporating similar designs found in typical sleeping masks to ensure an eye-cavity was created.

Will the strap get stuck in my hair?

The airline strap with silicone backing doesn't come into contact with your hair while using on on an airplane and when using in-bed or while laying down the strap was not an issue with any of our 250+ testers.

What was your thought-process behind the fabrics you chose?

For the outside of the mask we chose a more durable, breathable and long-lasting fabric that ensures the inside of the mask is protected when not being used. On the inside of the mask we chose the fabrics for similar reasons but focused on comfort and breathability. 

Do you plan to design more travel products?

The intention of launching the sleeping mask is to validate our approach to solving simple solutions for widespread issues and if successful create a product-based company with a focus in the travel and consumer space. We have more ideas, some that partner with the Sleeping-Mask, that we plan to explore once SeatDreamzzz is in the hands of travelers WorldWide.